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At Brobizz A/S, we provide automatic payment solutions for those who want to make the drive easy and practical

Our most popular

Number plate payment

Works after 20 min. on the Storebælt Bridge
Order DKK 0


Price: 200 DKK
You get it after 7 to 10 days

Number plate payment is a 100% digital solution that can be used for automatic payment on the Storebælt Bridge, the Øresund Bridge and on several Danish ferries.

Price for ordering
Ready after
20 min. on the Storebælt Bridge
How many
Order as many as you need
Digital solution
Can be ordered for motorcycle
The Storebælt Bridge
The Øresund Bridge

Should I choose number plate payment or bizz?

If you want a digital solution that costs nothing to order and that works on the Storebælt Bridge after only 20 minutes, you must choose number plate payment.

If you want a physical product that you can switch between several vehicles, choose bizz.

Number plate payment - our digital solution

Number plate payment is a fully digital solution which is free to order.

Your number plate can be used for payment on the Storebælt Bridge just 20 minutes after setting it up. It may take up to 24 hours with our other partners such as The Øresund Bridge.

Please note that number plate payment is only available for Danish and Swedish vehicles.

Bizz - our physical solution

The bizz is our physical automatic payment solution. It can easily be moved between different vehicles if needed.

The bizz costs DKK 200. The estimated delivery time is approx. 7-10 days (NB: Delivery time for addresses outside of Denmark may be longer).

Drive well with Brobizz

Easy payment

With automatic payment from Brobizz, you can pay easily and quickly

Lots of payment locations

Use automatic payment on the Storebælt Bridge, the Øresund Bridge and several ferry routes in Denmark

Possibility of discount

Sign up for discount agreements and get the best price on selected ferries and bridges

The Storebælt Bridge

Use your number plate or bizz as payment on the Storebælt Bridge and get the best price. The Storebælt Bridge also offers good discount agreements, including for camper van and disabled drivers.

The Øresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge offers automatic payment with your number plate or bizz. However, you must order a discount agreement, e.g. ØresundGO or ØresundPENDLER to get a discount on the Øresund Bridge.

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Language: English