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About us

Brobizz A/S develops and administers the Brobizz concept, which guarantees automatic payment for bridges, ferries, toll roads and car parks.
About Brobizz

Brobizz A/S

Vester Søgade 10, DK-1601 København V

CVR nr. 31 85 48 22

EAN nr. 5790002111013

It is not possible to get in-person service at the reception.


About Brobizz

Brobizz A/S is wholly owned by Sund & Bælt Holding A/S. The Brobizz agreements were previously administered by A/S Storebælt, but all Brobizz activities were transferred to Brobizz A/S in 2013. The company is responsible for the Brobizz concept, which is used for automatic payment for ferries, bridges, payment systems and parking.

Brobizz A/S also launched number plate payment in 2018 under the name of number plate payment.

Find out more about Brobizz A/S as a subsidiary of Sund & Bælt Holding A/S.

Where you can use Brobizz

Brobizz A/S currently has 830,000 Brobizz agreements, and a total of more than 1 million Brobizz devices are in use. More than 300,000 number plate payment agreements have also been taken out.

  • Brobizz A/S is part of the Scandinavian/Austrian EasyGo partnership. Find out more at easygo.com.
  • Brobizz and plate payment can be used to pay for bridge charges, road tolls and ferry crossings in many locations in Scandinavia and Austria.
  • Brobizz A/S has also entered into agreements concerning the use of Brobizz for access control at various restricted car parks at the Port of Kolding and the Port of Vejle, among others.

Establishment of Brobizz A/S

Brobizz A/S was established in 2008 as part of the preparation for the forthcoming European toll service, ref. the EU’s European Electronic Toll Service Directive.
The aim of this service is to ensure that toll road users all over the EU only need an agreement with one provider of electronic payment devices (such as Brobizz A/S) and so pay in only one location when using EU payment systems.

Whistleblower scheme

We also want to maintain a transparent workplace that people can trust. That’s why Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, including Brobizz A/S, has established a whistleblower scheme that gives staff and others with relationships with Brobizz A/S a way of speaking out freely (and anonymously) about irregularities or rule breaches. Find out more about the Whistleblower scheme.

Quality policy

An extension of our business strategy is our quality policy:

  • ​We strive to create the most efficient and customer-friendly payment solution for motorists and increase the value for our partners.
  • We ensure that payment on user-funded infrastructure occurs as efficiently as possible and with a high service level.
  • We create tailored digital platforms for our customers that ensure better service and greater loyalty.
  • Our new digital marketplace offers new and existing customers the best overview of where they can use Brobizz, discounts and payment options.
  • New product types and technological solutions make Brobizz an attractive partner and customers’ preferred payment solution.

We will achieve this through:

  1. Focus on customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.
  2. Continued focus on improving the efficiency of processes and tools, including the balance between in-house and outsourced activities.
  3. Efficient monitoring and control of outsourced activities.
  4. Use of experience and learning, including ensuring that corrective actions and ongoing assessment of risks and opportunities function efficiently.
  5. Availability of the necessary resources to perform tasks.
  6. Establishment and maintenance of the quality management system that meets the ISO9001 standard’s requirements and is certified by a third party.
  7. Ongoing improvements of our management system.
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Language: English