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You always get the cheapest price with number plate payment between Aalborg and Egholm with Brobizz.

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Return trip normal price

Return trip price with number plate payment

90 DKK

84 DKK

Prices are for passenger car under 6 m trailer included and are indicative. *NB: From 1 May to 31 August the normal price is 84 DKK. You can always find the applicable prices on Aalborg Kommunes website.


How to do

Pay with number plate

You pay directly at the terminal at the port on the Aalborg side. Your ticket is valid for one return journey.

  1. Proceed to the terminal. Your number plate will be read automatically
  2. On the screen, select number plate payment from Brobizz as your method of payment

Find information on prices and departures on the Aalborg Municipality website

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Pay with your number plate

Pay in Denmark
  • Storebæltsbroen
  • Øresundsbron
  • Bornholmslinjen
  • Molslinjen
  • Scandlines
  • Øresundslinjen
  • Alslinjen
  • Fanølinjen
  • Langelandslinjen
  • Samsølinjen
  • Hals / Egense-færgen
  • Egholmfærgen

NOTE: It requires an ØresundGO discount agreement to get a discount on the Øresund Bridge.

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