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Make the trip between Rønne and Sassnitz easy with number plate payment from Brobizz.

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You can pay for all Bornholmslinjen ticket types using Brobizz number plate payment.

This is what you do

Pay with number plate

Pay directly at the port.

  1. Drive into one of the Check-in lanes.
  2. Choose 'Brobizz number plate' as payment. 

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Pay with your number plate

Pay in Denmark
  • Storebæltsbroen
  • Øresundsbron
  • Bornholmslinjen
  • Molslinjen
  • Scandlines
  • Øresundslinjen
  • Alslinjen
  • Fanølinjen
  • Langelandslinjen
  • Samsølinjen
  • Hals / Egense-færgen
  • Egholmfærgen

NOTE: It requires an ØresundGO discount agreement to get a discount on the Øresund Bridge.

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Language: English