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Bøjden - Fynshav

Book your ticket online and pay automatically with your bizz from Brobizz in the check-in lane and just drive aboard

You can also create a bizz agreement for Alslinjen and get a discount on a 10-crossing card.

This is what you do

Pay with bizz
  1. Book a ticket for your preferred departure so that you’re guaranteed a space.
  2. Put your bizz in the windscreen, drive into the automatic check-in lane and then drive aboard the ferry.

Register a bizz agreement with Alslinjen

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Get started

Pay with your bizz

Pay in Denmark
Storebælt, Øresundsbron*, Ferries in Denmark** and Ferries to German and Sweden
200 DKK in sign up fee and an expected delivery time of approx. 7-10 weekdays (The delivery time may be longer for addresses outside of Denmark).
NOTE: *It requires an ØresundGO discount agreement to get a discount on the Øresund bridge, **It requires an AutoBizz Smart agreement to get a discount with Øresundslinjen.

Interested in where else you can use your number plate payment or bizz?

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Language: English