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Number plate payment

Pay by number plate on the Storebælt Bridge just 20 minutes after setting it up.

Use your number plate

Number plate payment is a simple and fully digital solution. What’s more, it’s free to set up.
Just 20 minutes after setting it up, your number plate payment is ready for use on the Storebælt Bridge. It may take up to 24 hours with our other partners.

NB: Number plate payment is only available for Danish and Swedish vehicles. 

Order number plate payment

Why choose number plate payment?

  • It’s free to set up 

  • Once you have set up number plate payment, it only takes 20 minutes before you can drive across the Storebælt Bridge

  • As the product is fully digital, you will always have it to hand and there’s no need to remember to bring your bizz with you

  • It can be used for motorcycles

  • It’s a sustainable solution

The benefits of our automatic payment solutions

Easy payment on the move

Pay using your vehicle’s number plate or put a bizz in your windscreen. Become a customer today and we’ll handle the rest. Ordering a number plate payment is free of charge. A bizz costs a one-off amount of DKK 200.

The best price on Storebælt

With Brobizz you automatically get the best price for your trips across the bridge. You save DKK 78 each way with a standard passenger car.

Easy and simple overview

Log in to Brobizz.com or the app to get an overview of your trips and payments. This is where you can also update your payment card or check whether your bizz or number plate payment is active.

The Storebælt Bridge

Use your number plate as payment on the Storebælt Bridge and get the best price. The Storebælt Bridge also offers good discount agreements, including for camper van and disabled drivers.

The Øresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge offers automatic payment with your number plate. However, you must order a discount agreement, e.g. ØresundGO or ØresundPENDLER to get a discount on the Øresund Bridge.

Frequently asked questions

Which vehicles support number plate payment?

Number plate payment supports all ordinary Danish and Swedish number plates on vehicles below 3500 kg. This also applies to motorcycles. However you cannot use number plate payment for  vintage cars and personalised number plates in the toll stations. This is because such number plates are not reflective and cannot be read.

How many number plate payments can I have on my agreement?

You can have as many as you want. If you have two cars, a car and a motorcycle or some other combination, you can have one number plate payment for each vehicle.

What do I do if my car is leased?

If you lease a car, you should order number plate payment in the usual way. However, it’s important that you remember to cancel your number plate payment when the lease period has expired.

It takes two hours before the number plate is deactivated at the Storebælt Bridge and up to 24 hours at the Øresund Bridge and our other partners.

What should I do if I rent a car?

You can easily order a number plate payment for the car you have rented. You just need to remember to cancel it when the rental period comes to an end. If you don’t do this, you risk paying for other customers’ trips.

Please note that it takes up to two hours before the number plate payment if deactivated on the Storebælt Bridge and up to 24 hours with our other partners.

Can I change my number plate payment?

No, you can't change your existing number plate payment. If you want a new one, we therefore recommend that you order a new one and then cancel the old one. You can do both in the self-service.

You can read more here.

Can I have both number plate payment and bizz?

Yes, you can have as many products as you need. But you should be aware that if you have both a bizz and number plate payment, the bizz will always be read first.

If you wish to pay by number plate, it’s important, therefore, that you keep the bizz out of range, e.g. in the small case in which it arrived or simply leave it at home.

Is my number plate payment active ?

If your payment card has expired, you cannot pay by number plate. It’s therefore important that you always update your payment details when you get a new payment card. You can read much more about how you do this here.

You can also always check whether your number plate payment is active. You can do so here.

Number plate payment ensures that almost everything is taken care of.  As long as you ensure that your payment card remains updated and that your number plate is free from snow, dirt and grime, you’re ready to drive.

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Language: English