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Our bizz is for those who need to be able to move their means of payment between vehicles. You can use the bizz for automatic payment on the Storebælt Bridge, Øresund Bridge and a number of Danish ferries.

Pay with bizz

With a bizz in the windscreen, you’re all set for an easy trip across the Storebælt Bridge, etc.
A bizz costs DKK 200 but then you also have a means of payment that can be switched between different vehicles as often as you wish.

When you order your bizz the estimated delivery time approx. 7-10 weekdays for Danish adresses (NB: Delivery time for addresses outside of Denmark may be longer).

Order bizz

The benefits of our automatic payment solutions

Easy payment on the move

Pay using your vehicle’s number plate or put a bizz in your windscreen. Become a customer today and we’ll handle the rest. Ordering a number plate payment is free of charge. A bizz costs a one-off amount of DKK 200.

The best price on Storebælt

With Brobizz you automatically get the best price for your trips across the bridge. You save DKK 78 each way with a standard passenger car.

Easy and simple overview

Log in to or the app to get an overview of your trips and payments. This is where you can also update your payment card or check whether your bizz or number plate payment is active.

The Storebælt Bridge

Use your bizz as payment on the Storebælt Bridge and get the best price. The Storebælt Bridge also offers good discount agreements, including for camper van and disabled drivers.

The Øresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge offers automatic payment with your bizz. However, you must order a discount agreement, e.g. ØresundGO or ØresundPENDLER to get a discount on the Øresund Bridge.


Scandlines offers automatic payment if you pay with a bizz. You also get the ticket at a discounted price.

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my bizz?

Your bizz is sent by post, so it typically takes 7-10 days from when you order until you receive it.

Why did my bizz fail to work?

There can be several reasons why your bizz did not work.

1: Your payment card has expired. Read more about how to update it here. Check whether your bizz is active here.
2: The bizz has been fitted incorrectly, which means the signal could not be picked up and the bizz could not be read.
3: If your bizz is more than 5 years old, it may have reached the end of its working life.

How do I mount my bizz correctly?

It’s important that the bizz is correctly mounted in your vehicle so the signal can be picked up at the toll station.

Put the bizz in the holder that came with your bizz. Fix the holder on to the windscreen as close to the rear-view mirror as possible.

What do I do with my bizz when I no longer need it?

Please do not return it to us. All you need to do is to cancel your bizz at or via our app and then hand it in as electronic waste at the recycling depot or in the relevant dustbin. Read more here.

Please remember to terminate your discount agreements with the Øresund Bridge, etc.

Can I use my bizz in a rented car?

Yes, you can. You can move your bizz around between all your vehicles.
Please be aware that a partner can restrict your discount to a specific vehicle/number plate.

Can I have both number plate payment and bizz?

Yes, you can have as many products as you need. But you should be aware that if you have both a bizz and number plate payment, the bizz will always be read first.

If you wish to pay by number plate, it’s important, therefore, that you keep the bizz out of range, e.g. in the small case in which it arrived or simply leave it at home.

Is my bizz active?

If your payment card has expired, you cannot pay by number plate. It’s therefore important that you always update your payment details when you get a new payment card. You can read much more about how you do this here.

You can also always check whether your number plate payment is active. You can do so here.


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