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Please note that due to coronavirus / COVID-19, there may be altered traffic conditions, e.g. changes in sailing plans or restrictions at national borders. Therefore, we recommend that you seek information about current conditions on our partners websites or social channels before you leave.

Venner på tur med BroBizz

Order BroBizz for private user

It is always good to have BroBizz when crossing the Great Belt, parking in Billund or Copenhagen Airport, driving in Norway and many other places.

Place your BroBizz on the windscreen, and the payment is automatically charged to the payment card you have linked to your BroBizz.

You pay a DKK 200 deposit for your BroBizz Private. If you cancel your agreement and return your BroBizz to us intact, your deposit will be refunded.

Order BroBizz

If you are already a customer and so already have BroBizz, you can log into My Account and order extra BroBizz. You will then have an overview of all your payments in one place. Click on ‘Order extra BroBizz’.

Get the most out of your BroBizz

To get the most out of your BroBizz, read “Where and how”, where you can see all the places where you can use your BroBizz, and get advice about how you can get the most out of it. There are also a couple of things you should be aware of before you depart. 

For example, check

  • how you can be sure you are getting the lowest price where you use your BroBizz
  • what you should do to make sure your BroBizz is read correctly
  • whether it is necessary or just a good idea to sign up with the company that operates the connection where you are going to use your BroBizz.

When you order BroBizz Private, you also become a member of Club Storebælt. This means that you and your BroBizz Private automatically get the lowest prices at the Great Belt, Great Belt leisure discounts, and offers on hotel stays and attractions.
[Link to Where and how]

Practical advice

In BroBizz’ app you can easily update basic information, see how you have used your BroBizz, and what it has cost. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Search for “BroBizz”.
In My Account you can also get an overview of your trips and update your information.


Your BroBizz must be linked to an active payment card – otherwise it will not work. You can easily update the payment card. Click the button, log in to My Account and you will be redirected to the right page.