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Øresundslinjen (Forsea)

Make the trip between Helsingør and Helsingborg easy with a bizz from Brobizz.

You can pay with

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Pay with your bizz in the check-in lane and drive aboard

(Øresundslinjen was previously called ForSea)

At Øresundslinjen you can use your bizz for automatic payment.

If you want to obtain a discount with your bizz, you can add an AutoBizz Smart agreement. The discount agreement pays off if you plan to do more than one return journey with Øresundslinjen within a year. The Smart agreement guarantees you a fixed and cheap price - every time.

The AutoBizz Smart agreement costs 289 DKK a year for private customers. Once you’ve signed up for the discount agreement, you’ll automatically pay the annual fee until you cancel it by contacting Øresundslinjen.


Price with bizz

Price with bizz and AutoBizz Smart

460 DKK

225 DKK

*NB: The prices above are per one-way trip in the low season with a car up to 6m. Please note that the prices are indicative. You can always find the current prices here.

This is what you do

Pay with bizz
  1. Put your bizz in the windscreen and enter the automatic check-in lane no less than 15 minutes before your preferred departure
  2. Enter the number of passengers on the screen
  3. Go to the lane you see in the display
  4. Drive aboard the ferry.


If you’re already a Brobizz customer, you can add an AutoBizz Smart agreement for your bizz to obtain the discounted prices. Order AutoBizz Smart for your bizz here.

If you wish to terminate your Smart agreement, you must contact Øresundslinjen directly. If you also want to cancel your bizz or number plate payment, you can find our guide here. 

→ You can contact Øresundslinjen here

Get started

Pay with your bizz

Pay in Denmark
Storebælt, Øresundsbron*, Ferries in Denmark** and Ferries to German and Sweden
200 DKK in sign up fee and an expected delivery time of approx. 7-10 weekdays (The delivery time may be longer for addresses outside of Denmark).
NOTE: *It requires an ØresundGO discount agreement to get a discount on the Øresund bridge, **It requires an AutoBizz Smart agreement to get a discount with Øresundslinjen.

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