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Is my bizz or number plate payment active?

This is the page where you can enter your bizz number or your number plate to check whether they are active. You can also always check the status at our self-service or in the Brobizz app.

Enter your bizz number or number plate below and you can see if your product is active.

Check whether your bizz is active

How to check whether your number plate or bizz is active at or in the Brobizz App

Log in to our self-service or the Brobizz App

Go to login

Click on "Bizz and number plate" in the column on the left. You will now have an overview of all your bizz and number plate payments

For each bizz and number plate payment, you can see whether the status is Active or Blocked

If your bizz or number plate payment is blocked, you cannot use it for payment

Please bear the following in mind even if your bizz is listed as active

Have you just updated your details with us?

If your payment card was valid before you updated it, you can use your bizz and/or number plate payment for immediate payment with one of our business partners.
If your payment card was blocked before you updated it, your bizz/number plate payment will immediately be shown as active with Brobizz. You should be aware, however, that it will still need to be reactivated by our business partners.
It can take up to 2 hours before you can use your bizz/number plate payment at the toll station on the Storebælt Bridge and up to 24 hours with other partners, e.g. Øresund Bridge.

N.B. If you have received a debt collection notice for an unpaid invoice, your bizz/number plate payment will only be activated again when we have received your payment even if you have updated your payment card. It may take several banking days for your payment to register

Is your bizz more than 5 years old?

Even if your bizz is listed as active, the battery may well be flat and your bizz will not work. This frequently happens when the bizz is more than five years old.
When the battery is flat, we recommend that you order a new bizz. However, you can still use it at the toll station as long as you scan it manually. When you receive a new bizz, we recommend throwing the old one out.

Why is my bizz/number plate payment inactive?

Have you remembered to update the payment card associated with your product?

When you get a new payment card, it is important that you update your bizz and number plate payment with your new details.
You do this by logging into or the Brobizz app, clicking on 'Select payment card' and then on the green button 'Update payment card'.

Read more here.

Do you have any outstanding payments linked to your agreement?

If there is an outstanding balance on your agreement, your bizz or number plate payment will be listed as inactive.
We usually deduct payment for your trip across the bridge or by ferry from the payment card linked to your agreement. If we cannot deduct the amount automatically, we will send you an invoice to the email address linked to your profile.
Read more here.

Has your product been blocked or cancelled?

If your bizz and/or number plate payment is listed as inactive, it may be because it has been blocked or cancelled and your agreement terminated.

This may have happened because:

• You have not used number plate payment for 18 months or your bizz for 36 months. If this is the case, we will have terminated your agreement.

• You have set up an agreement with Brobizz and did not order number plate payment or a bizz within the first three months. If this is the case, we will have terminated your agreement.

• You previously blocked your agreement yourself.

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