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How do I update my payment card?

It is important that you ensure that your payment card remains updated in your profile so that we can take payment for your purchases. You can do this at or the Brobizz app by following the guide on this page.

We accept the following cards - Visa, Mastercard or Dankort.


Here’s how to update your payment card

See our video guide on this page or follow the steps below if you wish to update your payment card:

  1. Log in to or the Brobizz app.
  2. Select 'Payment card' in the menu on the main page or on the left
  3. Click on the green button 'Update payment card'
  4. Enter your card details (card number, expiry date/year and CVV code) and click on 'Update payment card'.
  5. Verify your payment card with MitID
  6. The updating has been processed correctly when a receipt appears on your screen.

Read more here if you have difficulties logging in.

N.B: You will not receive an email confirming that the updating of your payment card has been processed. You can be certain that the updating has been successful if you receive an on-screen receipt and can then see the new card listed when you are logged in to or the Brobizz app under ‘Payment card’ tab.

Invoices and payment reminders must be paid manually

If you have received an invoice and any reminders, please note that these should be paid manually as payment is not automatic when you update your payment card.

Read more about payment of invoices and payment reminders here.

When will my bizz or number plate payment work again?

If your payment card was valid before you updated it to a new one, you can use your bizz and/or number plate payment to make immediate payment to one of our business partners.

If your payment card was blocked before you updated it, your bizz/number plate payment will be activated with Brobizz immediately. However, you should be aware that it won’t yet have been reactivated with our business partners.
It can take up to two hours before you can use your bizz/number plate payment at the Storebælt toll station and up to 24 hours with all other business partners, e.g. Øresund Bridge.

N.B: If you have received a debt collection notice for an unpaid invoice, your bizz/number plate payment will only be activated again when we have received your payment even if you have updated your payment card. It may take up to several banking days before your payment has been registered.

Are you encountering issues updating your payment card?

We recommend that you:

  • Ensure that your payment card is active and has not exceeded its expiry date.
  • Ensure that your payment card is enabled for online transactions (including international transactions).
  • Try updating the card in another internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari). If that does not work, you can also try using a different device. If, for example, you’re using a smart phone, try using a computer or vice versa.
  • Try to update your payment card in an incognito or private window in your internet browser. You can also try clearing your cookie history.

Assistance with MitID authenticator

With effect from January 2021, all on-line shops in the EU must have 2-factor authentication for their on-line shops. This means that you must have an MitID authenticator when adding or updating a payment card with Brobizz.

If you encounter any problems when verifying the update of your payment card with MitID, you can find assistance at MitID’s website here.

You can see video guides to MitID here.

If you do not have a smart phone or tablet, as an alternative, you can set up an agreement with NETS to receive a one-time code that you can use to verify your card on NETS' website.

You can also contact your bank or card issuer for an alternative if you are unable to use MitID or the one-time code from NETS.

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