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Operational information

Here you can see the current operational information at Brobizz. We always do everything we can to solve problems and errors as quickly as possible.




02-08-21: Our telephone system in customer service is down. Please use our contact form instead. We apologize for the inconvenience.

21-07-21: We are currently experiencing issues with ordering number plate payment in the Brobizz app, and we therefore recommend that you order via My Account at

23-06-21: There are currently problems with our contact formular. Click on the person in the right corner in the bottom to contact us.

26-05-21: At the moment it is not possible to get an email when you click "Forgot Password".

14-05-21: There are currently issues logging in to My Account with the temporary password you receive when you have forgot your password.

14-04-21: It is currently not possible to order number plate payment. 

17-03-21: Error when trying to order number plate payment.

26-02-2021: Problems are experienced when creating a profile and updating email. When you need to confirm the email address via link, you get the feedback "The link is invalid - we are sorry, but the link no longer works."



Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English