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How do I find my bizz number?

You can see your bizz number on the side of your bizz, in the Brobizz app, under My account and in the statements you are sent every month. It has 16 digits and starts with 9208 or 9780. If it starts with any other number, your bizz is from another provider.

Your bizz number is a 16-digit number printed on the narrow long side of your bizz. You can also find it in the Brobizz app, under ‘My account’ and in the statement you receive every month.

If your bizz is from Brobizz, the number will start with 9208 or 9780. If it starts with other digits, you are not one of our customers. Your bizz will probably come from the Øresund Bridge or another supplier, check the label on your bizz.


What is a bizz?

Your bizz is actually a small transmitter mounted inside your windscreen, which automatically registers payment when you use bridges or ferries, for instance. When you become a customer, you can order a bizz for a price of DKK 200, which is linked to your profile.

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English