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21 June 2018

Leverandørservice makes your payment easier

Save time and avoid reminder charges.

As an invoice customer with Brobizz, you have the opportunity to sign up for our Leverandørservice. So you can always be sure your invoices are paid on time, and you’ll avoid reminder charges and extra administration.

Leverandørservice is a payment service where the amount on your invoice is deducted directly from your bank account. You can take out a Leverandørservice invoice agreement in the self-service under Administration.

N.B: Only commercial agreements with invoice settlement can register for Leverandørservice.


  • Your invoices are paid automatically on the due date
  • You save time
  • Your invoices are paid on time regardless of whether your bookkeeper is off sick or on holiday. You avoid reminder charges and potential blocking of your Brobizz
  • You receive your invoices as before

This is what you need to do

  • Log in to the self-service using your e-mail
  • Click “Administration”
  • Click “Sign up for Leverandørservice”

The registration is then sent automatically. When the registration has been processed and approved, this will appear in the self-service, where it will now read 'Signed up for Leverandørservice' under the 'Administration' tab.

Language: English

Language: English