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Bizz Norden

Bizz Norden

The perfect solution when driving throughout Scandinavia.
With Bizz Norden, all of your toll payment agreements for Scandinavia are combined in a single device. This means that you can pay road and bridge tolls automatically for all of your cars, trucks, and buses throughout the Nordic region.

Bizz Norden - our new bizz

Bizz Norden is the newest bizz in our range and it’s the bizz you’ll receive if you order a bizz today.

With Bizz Norden, you can easily use all toll roads throughout Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Just place it somewhere visible in your windscreen and drive – your bizz will do the rest.

Why choose Bizz Norden?

  • Bizz Norden costs DKK 0 to set up and works for all heavy and light commercial vehicles.
  • A Storebælt Business agreement will be linked automatically when you order a Bizz Norden.
  • You can easily set up a BroPas Business agreement via the self-service and link an agreement to your products. BroPas Business gives you a discount on crossings over the Øresund Bridge. Please note that there’s an annual fee for light commercial vehicles.
  • If you order a new product and you already have a product linked to a BroPas Business agreement, the new product will automatically be added to your BroPas Business agreement.
  • You can easily sign up for discount agreements such as the Green discount.
  • You can easily manage everything via our self-service solution.

Order and cancel your bizz

You can order a bizz in our self-service - it's completely free.

It can take up to 10 days before you receive the order by post. When you receive the bizz, place it in your windscreen and you're ready to drive.

If you want to close or replace your bizz, you need to return it to Brobizz. Read more here.

What commercial vehicles do you have?

Heavy vehicles:

Bizz Norden works in both Denmark and Sweden, on the Storebælt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge, as well as in Norway, where it must be used when you pass through the toll stations. 

We recommend that you update your Brobizz agreement with the correct registration number, vehicle type, and country of registration. Otherwise you risk getting a fine when driving in Norway.  

In addition, Bizz Norden also offers trucks the opportunity to get a discount on selected ferry routes in Norway.

You can get 40% off the list price for ferry routes involved in the Autopass for Ferry partnership in Norway. See the exact routes here. 

You can get 30% off the list price on the Moss-Horten route operated by Bastø Fosen. Find out more here.

The ferry agreements can be enabled only by contacting our customer service team directly. You must then sign a separate agreement with Brobizz in connection with this. Brobizz will then charge a monthly fee for the discount agreement as well as a small fee per transaction.  


Light vehicles:

Bizz Norden works in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden for light vehicles.

If you drive in Norway without Bizz Norden and your vehicle information is not registered with a bizz, you will be charged directly by the toll company via an invoice instead. Your payment will therefore not go through your current bizz agreement.

If you want to pay via your bizz agreement, it is required to have Bizz Norden and to add the registration number, vehicle type, and country of registration to your bizz. It’s important that the vehicle using the bizz and the vehicle registered on the bizz are the same.




Bizz Norden

Bizz Norden

Heavy vehicles

Pay with Bizz Norden in Denmark Sweden and Norway

Bizz Norden can be used on the Storebælt Bridge, the Øresund Bridge, at the Norwegian toll stations and on selected Norwegian ferry routes.
Bizz Norden

Bizz Norden

Light vehicles

Pay with Bizz Norden in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Bizz Norden can be used on the Storebælt Bridge, the Øresund Bridge, at the Norwegian toll stations and on selected Danish ferry routes.

What bizz do I have?

Not sure which bizz you have? This is a Bizz Norden. All other bizzes are Bizz Danmark. 

Why are there two bizz numbers on my bizz?

On the new bizzes, there are two 16-digit bizz numbers. A DK/EETS number, which is the primary one that starts with 3104 and a NO/AutoPASS, which is the secondary one that starts with 9208. There are two numbers on the bizzer, in order to comply with new requirements from Norway.

All consumption will be listed on the primary bizz number, where the secondary bizz number only will be used for consumption in Norway.

If there is consumption in Norway, the secondary bizz number will appear on your invoice together with the primary bizz number. This must be used if an objection is to be made on a trip taken in Norway.

You can find both bizz numbers on your bizz and in the self-service.

Language: English

Language: English