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25 June 2020

Get 40% off on over 100 ferry routes in Norway

Take out a 'Norway Agreement' and get the best prices when your journey includes ferries. The agreement applies only to HGVs and buses weighing over 3,500 kg.

Your benefits

A Norway Agreement gives you extra discount when your routes include ferries:

  • 40% off all routes under AutoPASS for ferries (see autopassferje.no)
  • 30% off the Moss-Horten ferry with Bastø Fosen AS

We offer

A Norway Agreement means we pay the costs for the advance payments you would otherwise have to pay to get discounts on ferries. What's more, you get:

  • Maximum discount on all ferry routes with AutoPASS for ferries and Bastø Fosen AS
  • A price model with no hidden fees
  • Simple, easy administration - we handle all dialogue with Norway
  • No binding period - sign up and unsubscribe within 24 hours by sending a mail to truck@brobizz.com

More details?

If you are ready to take out a Norway Agreement now, or you want more details, we can contact you. Send us your details by mail: truck@brobizz.com. We'll call you.

You can also call us on: +45 70 80 80 81

Brobizz Norway Agreement

Sign-up deposit per bizz

DKK 75

Service fee per invoice


Subscription fee per Month

- Class 1 (0 - 8 metres)

- Class 2 (8.01 - 17.5 metres)

- Class 3 (over 17.51 metres)


DKK 40

DKK 80

DKK 120

Applies to HGVs and buses weighing over 3,500 kg. You can read the terms and conditions for the supplementary agreement here. We cannot be held liable for any changes to discount rates made by AutoPASS for ferries. Prices ex. VAT (except for ferry passes).

What you need to know
If you already have a bizz, there's no need to replace it with a new one to enter into a Norway Agreement.

We cannot be held liable for changed discount rates from AutoPASS and refer to their website, where you can see the ferry routes included www.autopassferje.no.

There’s no binding period - sign up and unsubscribe within 24 hours by sending a mail to truck@brobizz.com. You pay for the current month.

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Language: English