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How can we use bizz for Europe?

You can pay with bizz for Europe on bridges, ferries and parking facilities in 11 countries in Europe.

Benefits with bizz for Europe

  • Easy administration saves time and money

  • You will get the best prices and discounts

  • Drive quickly through toll plazas in 11 major countries. Then it's over with cash and debit cards.



Questions and answers about bizz for Europe

How should bizz for Europe be installed?

We recommend connecting the power supply for your bizz for Europe to the vehicle’s power circuit – this should generally be done by a garage.

The device can work by connecting it to the cigarette lighter, but from experience we know that the primary cause of device failure is a power failure as a consequence of this kind of installation.
An installation guide is provided when you receive your bizz for Europe.

Where can we use bizz for Europe?

You can use your bizz for Europe in Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Slovenia is expected to join the scheme soon, too.

Find out more about each country and their various conditions and discount agreements under where.

Where can we see where bizz for Europe has been used?

You can view a summary of where you’ve used your bizz for Europe at My Account.

Can we move a bizz for Europe to another vehicle?

You can of course move your bizz for Europe to another vehicle. Remember to send the following information about the new vehicle to

Registration certificate to prove ownership of the vehicle.
Identification of the number plate linked to the make and owner.

EU licence (if the vehicle is registered in an EU country) certifying that the vehicle is used for public transport or cargo transport.

Supporting documentation to indicate that the vehicle respects the minimum CO2 emission limits corresponding to EURO III. This document must be valid and issued in the country of registration.

What should we do if our bizz for Europe doesn’t work?

Contact us at so that we can try to find out what’s gone wrong with your bizz for Europe.

Before we find the problem, you can still pay with your agreement on Storebælt Bridge and Øresund Bridge – all you have to do is show your Vehicle Declaration and enter your bizz for Europe PAN number manually.

If it turns out that your bizz for Europe is no longer working, it will have to be replaced. We’ll send you a new bizz for Europe as quickly as possible. When you receive your new bizz for Europe, you must install it and return the old one to us at the following address:

Brobizz A/S
Vester Søgade 10
1601 Copenhagen V
(Mark your envelope ‘Closure’)

How do we block our bizz for Europe?

If you want to block your bizz for Europe, you can do so yourselves via My Account. You can also send an email to – we’ll block it for you as quickly as possible.

Please be aware
It may take approx. 3 days to update the block status.
If the block lasts more than 60 days, your bizz for Europe will be closed entirely and it won’t be possible to reopen it.

If we don’t receive it back before a total of 90 days have passed from the time it was blocked, we will charge compensation of 1725 DKK.

How do we cancel our bizz for Europe agreement?

If you want to cancel your bizz for Europe agreement, you first have to block your bizz for Europe and then send it to us.

Contact us on +45 70 80 79 76 to block your bizz for Europe.

Then send your bizz for Europe to the following address:

Brobizz A/S
Vester Søgade 10
1601 Copenhagen V
(Mark your envelope 'Closure')

We’ll close the agreement as soon as we receive it. Please be aware that we’ll charge you 1725 DKK if your bizz for Europe gets lost in the post. Therefore, we recommend that you send your bizz for Europe as a parcel.

What is a Vehicle Declaration?

This is a declaration for your vehicle. You’ll receive your Vehicle Declaration together with your bizz for Europe, and you must keep it in your vehicle together with your bizz for Europe.

If you have any problems with your bizz for Europe, all the information you need can be found in your Vehicle Declaration.

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Country: Denmark
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