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Tolling solutions

We make tolling easy for you

The right solution makes tolling eThe right tolling solution is a lot more than just a device on your windscreen. We have over 20 years of experience in putting together solutions for vehicles over 3,500 kg. They make life easier and free up more time for the drivers, as well as office personnel.asier and cheaper. We’re ready to customise an agreement able to support your business and make life easier on the roads and in the accounts department.

Easy administration saves time and money

Our digital world gathers all available information on your agreement, presenting you with an overview of e.g. trips made and invoices. You can easily order products and adjust your agreement here.

  • Overview with online self-service at all times
  • Efficient administration and updating
  • Invoices that suit your business.
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Great prices and up to 50% discount

Our bizz ensures you the best prices and discounts on bridges, ferries and roads. 40% on ferries in Norway, and 50% over the Öresund for example. You also gain easy access to ports and parking facilities throughout Europe.


  • Automatic payment and great prices
  • Discount in Denmark and Europe
  • No set-up fee.
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Denmark and Scandinavia in a single device

You pay automatically using bizz for everything from bridges and roads to ferries and parking. Get a quality, long-lasting product customised to your needs.


  • One bizz for all your trips
  • Bridges, toll roads, ferries, etc.
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A partnership designed to support your business

We regard collaboration with you as a form of partnership based on your business and which follows your progress. If your needs change, we can quickly adjust our agreement.


  • Fast, competent help.
  • An agreement that follows your progress
  • Focus on your business
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Bizz for Europe

Pay with a single device through most of Europe. You pay automatically for vehicles over 3,500 kg on roads, bridges, ferries and other toll facilities with bizz for Europe.


bizz means easy payment for HGVs and buses in Denmark and Scandinavia with a single device. You can also get discounts, e.g. on the Great Belt and Öresund bridges, and ferries in Norway.

We tailor a tolling solution for you

How might a tolling agreement be put together?

See two examples of tolling agreements for haulage businesses operating in Denmark or Europe, and get an idea of how one might be put together.

Examples of tolling solutions at Brobizz

Example of a tolling solution

National company

700 x Carriage volume on contract
400 x Company cars
2.500 x Bizz
Access control to terminals
Access control to ports
Special agreements
Norway agreement
Great Belt Business Agreement
BroPas Business Agreement
Example of a tolling solution

International company

150 x Carriage volume on contract
200 x Own trucks
700 x Bizz
Special agreements
Norway agreement
Great Belt Business Agreement
BroPas Business Agreement

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Customised solutions for the haulage industry

Automatic tolling solution makes life easier for Håkull's drivers and accounts department

See how the transport company Håkull got an overall tolling solution and got rid of the hassle of manual payment on ferries and roads.


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