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How do I update my payment card?

It's important that you always have a valid credit card or fuel card associated with your profile to avoid paying any fees or being stopped at a toll station.

You can update your payment card at My Account og in the Brobizz app.

You can always change the details relating to the payment card linked with your agreement. If you’ve been sent a new payment card, for example, it’s important to remember to update the details in your agreement with us.

This can be done via My Account or in our app.

Please be aware that we won’t send you acknowledgement of a card update.


This is what you do

Update payment card in My Account

Once you've logged into My Account, select the green 'Update payment card' button.

You'll then see an overview of products linked to your payment card/s.

It's quite simple:

  1. Select the payment card you want to update – if you have several products linked with a card, you can choose which ones you’d like to update.
  2. Click on the green “Update card” button. Choose whether to update your agreement with a fuel card or credit card.
  3. Follow this by entering the information of the new credit card and press ‘Register card’.

Update payment card in the Brobizz app

  1. Log in to the Brobizz app
  2. Go to the ‘Profile’ menu item
  3. Select ‘My BroBizz’ or ‘My PayByPlate’ and click on the payment agreement for which you want to update the card
  4. Click on the ‘Payment card’ tab, followed by the green ‘Update payment card’ button
  5. Confirm that you want to update the card for the selected payment agreement* (select ‘No, don’t update for other agreements’)
  6. Enter the information for the new card and click on ‘Register card’

* You can update the card on all agreements at the same time if you have several agreements – to do this, just click on the green ‘Yes’ button.

Verify with NemID / MitID

From January 1st all online stores in EU need to have two-factor authentication at their website. Therefore, you have to verify yourself with NemID / MitID app, when you order at

It is no longer possible to use the paper code card, so you need to install the NemID / MitID app on your phone.

Do you have further questions about NemID please contact your bank.  

Questions and answers about updating your payment card

When will my bizz work after I’ve updated my payment card?

How quickly your bizz will work when you’ve updated your payment card will differ.

If your bizz was active/open when you changed the payment card associated with your account, you can use it straight away. You can always check the status of your bizz in My Account. If the bizz icon is green, it’s active.

If your bizz was blocked before you updated your payment card, you must bear in mind that how your bizz can be used in the various systems will differ. It all depends on whether you have a local agreement or a discount agreement with the company you usually use your bizz with.

With a local agreement
A local agreement can be a Storebælt Private or Storebælt Business agreement with Storebælt Bridge, a BroPass agreement with Øresund Bridge or an AutoBizz Smart agreement with ForSea Ferries, for example.

If you have a local agreement with Storebælt, your bizz will work 2 hours after being updated. It may take up to 24 hours if you have a local agreement or discount agreement with Øresund Bridge or ForSea.

If you don’t have a local agreement
If you use your Brobizz somewhere where you don’t have a local agreement or discount agreement, the following rules apply:

If you’ve updated before 7pm, you can use your bizz after 7am on the following day.

Example: You update your payment card before 7pm on Monday. Your bizz will be ready to use at 7am on Tuesday.

If you’ve updated after 7pm, you won’t be able to use your bizz again until 7am on the following day. 

Example: You update your payment card after 7pm on Monday. Your Brobizz will be ready to use at 7am on Wednesday.

You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions and have a local agreement or discount agreement with the places where you can use your bizz.


What payment cards can I use?

We accept the following:

Pay with Mastercard

It's possible to pay with Mastercard. However, be aware that if you use a Mastercard, remember to activate it for internet payment in your online bank..

Pay with fuel card

It's possible to pay with a fuel card at Brobizz. However, we point out that it is not possible to use Routex fuel cards and Shell Card Privat as payment cards.

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English