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I have received a bill or reminder

If we cannot charge your card for a trip, we will send you a bill. If you fail to pay it, we will send a reminder, and will finally pass the matter to a debt collection agency. Remember to keep the details of your payment card updated in the Brobizz app or under My account, to avoid any problems and extra fees

Normally, we automatically deduct the amount for crossing a bridge or taking a ferry from the card you have linked to your agreement.


If we cannot charge your card, we will send you an email with the bill. It costs DKK 50 to pay via giro slip, and should be paid as quickly as possible.


If you do not pay a bill by the due date, we will send you an email with a reminder. You will only receive one reminder, and we charge a fee of DKK 100 on top of the original amount billed.

Debt recovery

If we do not receive payment of a reminder by the due date, we will refer the unpaid bill to a debt collection service with no further notice. They will contact you concerning the next step in the process.

Remember to update if you get a new payment card

Most people receive reminders because they have been issued with a new payment card which we cannot charge. Remember to update your profile if you have a new card to avoid the problem of having to pay unwanted fees.

Keeping your profile updated is your responsibility. You can so easily using the Brobizz app and the online self-service portal My account.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English