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Find receipt for usage and see your specification

You can always monitor your usage – bridge crossings, ferry crossings or parking, for example – using My Account or the Brobizz app.

How to find your usage and crossings in My Account

Remember, you must be logged in – have a look here for information on how to do that.

1. Click the green “Track usage/crossings” button
This shows the following:

  • When you used your bizz/number plate
  • Where you paid with your bizz or number plate
  • Which bizz or number plate you used
  • The amount you were charged

2. Save your usage – click the green ‘Save your crossings’ button
You have several options here:

  • Which file format you want to save the information in (PDF or Excel)
  • Identification, i.e. the agreement for which you want to save crossings
  • Start and end date
  • Registration
  • Reference (the name you’ve given your agreement)

When you’ve filled in the information you want, click on the green “OK” button – your list will then open in the preferred format, ready to save to your computer.

How to find your usage and crossings in the Brobizz app

You can always monitor your usage – bridge crossings, ferry crossings or parking, for example – using the Brobizz app.

You can also download specifications that you can save to your phone.

This is what you do

You must be logged in to the Brobizz app to view your usage. How to log in is described here.

  1. Go to the ‘Usage’ menu item after logging in
  2. A list of your usage is now displayed which shows which bizz/number plate you’ve used, where and when
  3. Click on the trip in question if you want a specification that you can download to your phone

See overall monthly specification

Every month, we will create a specification of the monthly usage on your agreement. You can view your usage with VAT under ‘Payments’. You can also view a specification for the previous month.

What is a specification?

A specification is a comprehensive overview of your Brobizz usage for the previous month. You can get an overview of completed deposits and withdrawals in the specification. These are all the transactions made through your Brobizz account. This includes trips, adjustments, annual fee for special agreements etc. This can be found under ‘Payments’ and ‘Specifications’. It is ready around the 7th of the month.

Please be aware

That the specification does not reflect potential outstanding or receivable amounts in your account, but you can always find information about these in My Account under ‘Payments’. The trips that appear on the specification are charged on the payment card that you have linked to your agreement.

What is usage?

Usage is an overview of trips, adjustments, etc. Your trips will appear here within 24 hours. You will find your usage in My Account under ‘My Agreements’ and ‘Usage/Trips’.

Here you can download a PDF file that can be used as a receipt. It will be possible to get one for a single trip, a single product or a selected period of time.

What is an invoice?

You will receive an invoice if we are unable to take payment for a trip. This may be because your payment information is incorrect.

An invoice is automatically sent to your e-mail and you can also find it in My Account under ‘Payments’ and ‘Invoice’.

If a reminder fee is subsequently sent, you will receive it by e-mail or post. This cannot be found in My Account. 

This is how you can update your payment card

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Country: Denmark
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