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I’m heading for Norway

You can get round Norway easily with a bizz from Brobizz, where tolls are charged for a number of bridges, roads and tunnels.

We make sure you pay automatically and get discounts via your bizz agreement as long as you just make sure:

  1. That your information on the bizz agreement is up to date (remember to update your registration number, if you get a new payment card, change address, etc.).
  2. You have your bizz with you and have it mounted correctly in the windscreen.

Paying with bizz in Norway requires no special agreements.

If a number plate is registered to your bizz, it can be used to identify you if, for example, your bizz is not read at a payment unit. We encourage you to always remember to bring your bizz and to make sure that it works.

Please be aware

  • Special rules for electric vehicles
    Electric vehicles pay charges on ferry links, the Oslo toll system (Fjellinjen), the Bergen toll system, the Svinesund Bridge, the T-Link, Førdepakken, Haugalandspakken and E18 Telemark. To be exempt from other charges, it’s important for you to have a bizz in your vehicle and have your vehicle registered as an electric vehicle with Brobizz. You have to send us your registration certificate by email to:
  • If you’re driving a camper van weighing more than 3,500 kg
    Most camper vans weighing more than 3,500 kg pay the same price as cars. To get this discount, you must have a valid bizz in the vehicle registered specifically to your camper van. Write to us using our contact form and attach a copy of your registration certificate – we can then ensure that you’re charged the right price.

Note that you cannot use your number plate in Norway – it must be linked to a bizz.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English