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Make the trip between Rødby and Puttgarden easy with a bizz from Brobizz.

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Easy and automatic payment when sailing to/from Germany with a bizz from Brobizz

Save the handling fee at the port when you pay with your bizz. You don’t have to book in advance. However, you must be aware that you cannot be sure of getting a place. Read more about the handling fee at Scandlines here.

Read more about how to use your bizz at Scandlines here.

This is what you do

Pay with bizz
  1. Drive to the automatic payment lane
  2. Enter the number of passengers in the car and drive to the referenced lane
  3. Drive aboard the ferry

Please note!

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Pay with your bizz

Pay in Denmark
Storebælt, Øresundsbron*, Ferries in Denmark** and Ferries to German and Sweden
200 DKK in sign up fee and an expected delivery time of approx. 7-10 weekdays (The delivery time may be longer for addresses outside of Denmark).
NOTE: *It requires an ØresundGO discount agreement to get a discount on the Øresund bridge, **It requires an AutoBizz Smart agreement to get a discount with Øresundslinjen.

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Language: English