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10 August 2018

Enjoy a weekend in Sweden

There are various ways to enjoy Sweden on weekends. To follow are our suggestions for a weekend trip that we’d love to take in our neighbouring country. We hope this will provide you with inspiration for your own trip to Sweden.

Wishlist for a weekend of hiking

We have a colleague who often travels to Sweden to go hiking. Every time she returns, she paints such a beautiful picture of the countryside and tells us just how special it feels to stand outside her tent in the mornings and admire rocks and forest lakes extending as far as the eye can see.
These tales have inspired us to pull out our own map of Sweden. And so we’d like to present here three places that we’d love to visit. Hiking in Sweden is something you might enjoy. Here are our three ideas to help inspire you, anyway.

Soteleden (70 km route)

Short routes are needed for an extended weekend when you don’t have much time. Soteleden is 70 km long, so we reckon it could easily be completed in a weekend even by inexperienced hikers. This route is divided into stages and takes you through forests, past rocks and into small towns and holiday villages. It’s probably a good idea to take a tent with you even though there are shelters along the entire route where you can spend the night – other people might have had the same weekend idea. Soteleden is located in the municipality of Sotenäs, north of Gothenburg.

It’s a good idea to plan which stages you want to include in your trip before heading off. We’d start with a trip to Nordens Ark Djurpark in Hunnebostrand, where you can buy a map of the route stages.

How do you get to Sweden? Use your number plate to pay – find out more here (Number plate payment from Brobizz is only available for Danish registered number plates).

Kynneslingan (30 km route)

Another place we’d like to go hiking is on the Kynneslingan hiking trail in Kynnesfjäll in Bohuslän. This trail is 30 km long in total and isn’t far from the Bohuslän coast. This is really well worth seeing – the coast and archipelago are home to some charming little fishing villages and hamlets, and there’s plenty of space to find peace and immerse yourself in these centuries-old villages.

You can also travel by ferry – use number plate payment from Brobizz on the Bornholmslinjen ferry from Køge to Rønne.

Hallandsleden (450 km, divided into 27 daily stages)

Walking the entire length of the Hallandsleden trail is probably a bit unrealistic – it’s 450 km ling. But that said, it’s divided into 27 stages over three areas; a northern, a central and a southern area.

We’d like to try the southern part, and we found out that the kilometres are divided up as follows:

Frodeparken – Döbla: 7 km
Döbla – Ryet: 12 km
Ryet – Gyltige: 16 km
Gyltige – Assman: 11 km
Assman – Mästocka: 16 km
Mästocka – Västralt: 19 km
Västralt – Ekegården: 18 km
Ekegården – Koarp: 13 km

So you could certainly complete a fair amount of this section over an extended weekend. We checked out Hallandsleden at – have a look and see whether you can also find inspiration there.

Sturdy footwear and a light rucksack are essential

The website also provides plenty of inspiration on how to travel light. It’s a really good idea to make sure your rucksack doesn’t weigh too much since you have to carry it throughout your entire trip. And it goes without saying that it’s important to remember to wear a sturdy pair of hiking boots and take plenty of water.

More transport options

In purely logistic terms, there are a number of ways to get to Sweden. You could go by sea, for example, with the ForSea Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry. You can use Brobizz as a payment method on the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry, and on Øresund Bridge you can drive directly through the toll plaza when you’re using number plate payment or have your bizz in the windscreen.

Remember to check our Where in the navigation bar before heading for the bridge or the ferry for all the information on what you can do with bizz and number plate payment.


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Language: English