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EasyGo+ Private

EasyGo+ BroBizz is a service for motor homes weighing more than 3500 kg that drive to or through Austria.

The benefits of an EasyGo+ BroBizz

  • With EasyGo+ BroBizz you can use the same payment device in Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Austria
  • The trips are charged directly to the associated payment card
  • You will experience fast passage through the payment terminals

How does the EasyGo+ service work?

An EasyGo+ BroBizz is, in relation to the normal BroBizz, a more advanced payment device. It can hold information about the vehicle’s registration number, country code, weight class and environmental class - information the payment terminals use to determine your price.

The price for driving on toll roads varies from place to place - we recommend that you check out the prices and discounts at our partners/local operators.

Getting started

If you are a new customer order your EasyGo+ BroBizz here.

If you already have an existing BroBizz agreement you have to take out an EasyGo+ supplementary agreement with us. There are special rules on toll roads in Austria and in this context you need a new EasyGo+ BroBizz that replaces your current normal BroBizz. You can take out a supplementary agreement via the EasyGo+ ordersite.

Once you have received your new BroBizz you need to update your payment card. This can be achieved through via the self-service system My account  


Order EasyGo+ BroBizz


We will then contact you within two working days to complete your order.
You can find more information about EasyGo+ BroBizz in the brochure on the right.