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Easy and efficient administration

Easy administration – more time

When you have a toll payment agreement with us, we gather all your trips, bizzes, users, invoices, and other information in one place. This gives you a much clearer overview and saves you time when you’re managing agreements and trips. This ensures that administration is easy and efficient.

Digital self-service solution

Our digital self-service solution allows you to manage the majority of your agreements yourself. You get a full overview of your products, transactions, payments etc. and can easily order new products.

  • Simple overview of all your agreements, including your invoices

  • Ordering, cancelling, and closing products

  • Inactivation of bizz
  • Vehicle data displayed automatically

  • Setup of local agreements

  • Easy administration of payment cards

Agreement setup

Our agreement setup allows you to administer and manage your agreements exactly as you need. This means, among other things, that you have the option of creating sub-accounts and grouping your agreements so that they suit your wishes exactly.

  • Setting up framework agreements

  • Easy set-up of sub-accounts

  • Option of setting up invoice files in .txt format

  • Settlement breakdown of your consumption, so you have the option of receiving one invoice per product

Sales and service

If you encounter difficulties, we’ll help you find a solution – whether they relate to your products, the self-service, our business partners, or something completely different.
Our consultants, who are toll payment specialists, are available by phone five days a week and respond quickly. 

  • Danish customer service team with extensive local knowledge

  • Option to be assigned a permanent customer manager

Write the Customer Service Business

We’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Call the Customer Service Business

Contact our experienced team specialising in toll payments for business customers. Mondays to Fridays from 09.00 to 12.00. for light vehicles and Mondays to Fridays 09.00-15.00 for heavy vehicles.
+45 7080 8081

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