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Where do I see my trips and usage?

'Trips and usage' provides a comprehensive overview of your payments, e.g. your trips across a bridge or by ferry as well as annual fees and the purchase price of a bizz.

If the payment has gone through as it should, it will typically take one to two working days before your trip(s) appear in the overview under 'Trips and usage'.

Review your usage

You can always monitor your usage by logging into or the Brobizz app.

Here’s what you do
  1. Start by logging into or the Brobizz app.
  2. Click “Trips and usage” on the main page or in the menu on the left.
  3. You will now see an overview of your trips and usage.


Download receipts for paid trips

Please take the following steps to download a receipt for a trip or for another purchase:

Here’s what you do:
  1. Log in to or the Brobizz app and go to 'Trips and usage’.
  2. In the overview of your trips and usage, you will find the ‘View receipt’ link on the right.
  3. Click on the button next to the trip you want to download a receipt for.
  4. If you’re sitting at your PC, it will automatically download the receipt when you click on the button. With a phone, however, it will open up in a separate window from where you can download the file on to your phone.

If you think you’ve been charged the wrong price, you must contact customer service for the relevant bridge or ferry.

N.B: It is only possible to download a receipt when payment has been made via your payment card. It is no longer possible to download an overall monthly review.

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