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Toll roads, bridges and ferries

Easy payment and automatic discounts in several locations

You’ll be charged for using a number of bridges, roads and tunnels in Norway. But there’s no need to worry if you have a bizz in your windscreen – payments will be made automatically.

The Norwegian authorities also require all vehicles over 3,500 kg driving in Norway for business purposes to be fitted with a valid bizz when using public roads.

View a list of Norwegian toll plazas, with links to prices 

This is what you need to do

Pay with bizz or bizz for Europe for vehicles over 3,500 kg.
  1. Before you leave, make sure you’ve entered the correct registration details, vehicle type and country code for the vehicle you’ll be driving to Norway. Find out how to do this, and why.
  2. In Norway, they use what’s known as ‘free flow’, which means you don’t have to stop to pay.

Please be aware

  • Special rules for electric vehicles
    Electric vehicles only pay fees on the Svinesund Bridge. To be exempt from other charges, it’s important for you to have a bizz in your vehicle and you have to have registered your vehicle as an electric vehicle with Brobizz. Write to us

  • Add your vehicle’s registration number to your Brobizz agreement
    Unfortunately, Brobizz devices aren’t always read correctly at some payment facilities in Norway. In these cases, the registration number of the vehicle will be read from a photo taken at the payment facility. Therefore, we recommend that you update your Brobizz agreement with the correct registration number, vehicle type and country of registration. This means fees will continue to be collected via your bizz.

  • If you move a bizz to another vehicle
    Before you drive to Norway, it’s important to update information relating to registration details, vehicle type and country code on My Account when you move a bizz to a new vehicle. Be aware that it can take up to 36 hours for it to be registered in Norway.

  • The Norwegian authorities will charge you if your bizz isn’t updated
    You will have to pay a charge of 8,000 NOK if your bizz isn’t updated with correct details. This charge is increased significantly in the event of late payment and repeated failure to update your details.

  • Vehicles over 3,500 kg must have an electronic device fitted in order to pay road tolls
    This device has to be configured for the vehicle in which it is fitted. The Norwegian authorities issue high fines if vehicles fail to comply with requirements. Some information on toll plazas in Norway can be found here

  • Link a discount agreement to your bizz for Europe
    In Norway, bizz for Europe works in exactly the same way and with the same terms as Brobizz Erhverv for heavy vehicles. You can link the same discount agreements to bizz for Europe as to bizz. Find out more

  • Get the biggest discounts possible
    Some Norwegian toll plaza systems offer discounts greater than the EasyGo discount automatically given to Brobizz customers. We can make sure you get the biggest discounts possible with your bizz for Europe by entering into a supplementary agreement with Brobizz. Contact us at sales@brobizz.com or phone +45 70 80 79 76. Find out more about the supplementary agreement

  • Green discount at the Oslo toll system
    The area in and around Oslo is subject to special rules relating to discounts for eco-friendly vehicles, including newer trucks and buses with low fuel consumption (Euro 6). If you have Euro 6 vehicles weighing over 3,500 kg, you can get discounts by updating My Account or contacting Brobizz Customer Service on btb@brobizz.com and providing the following information:
    - Customer number
    - Brobizz number
    - Registration number
    - Country of registration
    - State that the vehicle in question is compliant with Euro 6

Get started

Ordinary vehicles

Ordinary vehicles

Selected locations in Scandinavia

Pay with your number plate and bizz

Storebælt Bridge, Øresund Bridge, Kronprinsesse Marys Bro (Bridge), Bornholmslinjen (Ferry), Molslinjen (Ferry), Scandlines, ForSea, ferries in Denmark, car washes at Wash World, APCOA PARKING, roads in Norway, etc.
Trucks and buses

Trucks and buses

Selected locations in Scandinavia

Pay with bizz (vehicles over 3500 kg)

Storebælt Bridge, Øresund Bridge, Kronprinsesse Marys Bro (Bridge), access control at the Ports of Vejle, Kolding and Aarhus, roads and ferries in Norway, etc
Trucks and buses

Trucks and buses

Throughout most of Europe

Pay with bizz for Europe

Storebælt Bridge, Øresund Bridge, Kronprinsesse Marys Bro (Bridge), access control at the Ports of Vejle, Kolding and Aarhus, roads and ferries in Norway, roads in Austria, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Sweden

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English