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Ferry agreements in Norway

Get 40% off on more than 100 ferry routes in Norway

With a Norway agreement from Brobizz, your trucks can get the best price on ferry routes in Norway.

Get the best prices on ferries in Norway

If you have Bizz Norden, you can create a Norway agreement and get a discount on a large number of ferry routes in Norway. 

The agreement is available only for trucks and buses over 3,500 kilos. You will need to sign a separate agreement with Brobizz. Brobizz will then charge a monthly fee for the discount agreement as well as a small fee per transaction.

With a Norway agreement, you get:

  • A 40% discount on the list price of more than 100 ferry routes in the Autopass for Ferry partnership in Norway.

  • A 30% discount on the Moss-Horten route operated by Bastø Fosen.

  • A price model with no hidden fees

  • Simple, easy administration – we handle all dialogue with Norway

  • No minimum term. Sign up and cancel in just 24 hours by e-mail.

To set up a Norway agreement, please contact our customer service team. This cannot be done online.


Sign-up deposit per bizz

DKK 75

Subscription fee per month

Class 1 (0-8 m)

Class 2 (8,01-17,5 meter)

Class 3 (Over 17,51 meter)


DKK 40

DKK 80

DKK 120

Worth knowing

We reserve the right to change AutoPASS and Bastø Fosen discount rates. Please refer to their websites, where you can see the ferry routes that are included.

There is no minimum term. Sign up and cancel in just 24 hours by e-mail. You pay for the current month.

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Language: English