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We’re heading for Norway

You can get round Norway easily with a bizz or bizz from Europe, where tolls are charged for a number of bridges, roads and tunnels.

We make sure you pay automatically and get discounts via your bizz agreement as long as you ensure:

  1. That you’ve entered the correct registration details, vehicle type and country code for the vehicle you’ll be driving to Norway. You register your vehicle’s emissions class if it weighs more than 3,500 kg. You register your vehicle’s fuel if it weighs less than 3,500 kg. All this information has to be provided under My Account.
  2. You have your bizz with you, and have it mounted correctly in the windscreen.

Paying with bizz in Norway requires no special agreements.

Please be aware

  • Get 40% off on over 90 ferry routes in Norway
    A Norway agreement from Brobizz gives you discounts on most sailings in Norway. The agreement applies to only HGVs and buses weighing over 3,500 kg. Contact us for the best prices with a Norway agreement at, or phone +45 70 80 80 81. Find out more about the Brobizz Norway agreement.

  • Add your vehicle’s registration number to your Brobizz agreement
    Unfortunately, Brobizz devices aren’t always read correctly at some payment facilities in Norway. In such cases, the registration number of the vehicle will be read from a photo taken at the payment facility. Therefore, we recommend that you update your Brobizz agreement with the correct registration number, vehicle type and country of registration. This means fees will continue to be collected via your bizz.

    Note: If you have attached your number plate to several different Brobizz-transponders, and the toll in Norway is based on the vehicle number plate, unfortunately, we cannot control which bizz is charged. It is solely up to the Norwegian operator. The trip cannot be subsequently moved to another bizz. 

  • The Norwegian authorities will charge you if your bizz isn’t updated
    A charge of 8,000 NOK will be made for trucks and buses over 3,500 kg if your bizz isn’t active or updated with correct details. This charge is increased significantly in the event of late payment and repeated failure to update your details.

  • Vehicles over 3,500 kg must have an electronic device fitted in order to pay road tolls This device has to be configured for the vehicle in which it is fitted. The Norwegian authorities issue high fines if vehicles fail to comply with requirements. Some information on toll plazas in Norway can be found here

Find out more about Norway on the partner page at Brobizz.

Please note, you must use your bizz in Norway. You can’t use your number plate in Norway.

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
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