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How do we order eTickets?

As a business customer with an invoice agreement with Brobizz, you can order eTickets by following the guide below. Read more about eTickets here.


How to order eTickets (for customers who pay by invoice only)

  1. Log in at
  2. Go to 'Ordering' via the menu on the left and select eTicket.

  3. Specify how many vehicles you want to order an eTicket for and click 'Next'.

  4. Enter vehicle details, including number plate, VIN and vehicle type.
    N.B. It is not possible to order an eTicket for a vehicle where a number plate payment has already been created and vice versa.

  5. Select whether the eTicket should be valid for one or 2 trips.

  6. Before you can press the 'Next' button, you need to check a box to confirm that the vehicle details entered are correct.

  7. Now place a checkmark to confirm that you agree that the eTicket can be used for automatic payment at all Brobizz partners where number plate payment can be used, and press 'Order now'.

  8. A receipt will appear on the screen and you will receive an order confirmation email immediately afterwards.

  9. Please note that it can take up to 20 minutes for the new eTicket to be ready for use on the Storebælt Bridge and up to 24 hours for all other partners where you can use eTicket from Brobizz.

How to use an eTicket

Once you have ordered an eTicket and want to use it on a bridge or ferry, you need to use the lanes for automatic payment.

  1. If there is a bizz in the vehicle, it must be packed away in a foil bag before the driver approaches the toll station.
  2. When I want to pay with the eTicket, you have to drive in the green express lanes or in the yellow cash lane, depending on which country your license plate is from. Read more about how I use the eTicket in the ticketing system here.
  3. If you are boarding a ferry, use the lanes for automatic payment with a bizz or number plate payment.

N.B.: If you should have been in the green express lanes and have ended up in one of the blue or yellow lanes, click on 'Number plate' on the touchscreen in the payment lane. The number plate will then be read and the barrier will open if there is an active eTicket for that vehicle.

Please be aware

Who can order eTickets?

It is only possible to order eTickets if you are the main or account administrator. When you are logged in to the self-service, make sure you have switched to the account you want to order products for.   

This means that it is not possible to order eTickets if you have a profile with product access. 

Unused eTickets automatically expire after 14 days

Please note that eTickets have an expiration date. If the eTicket has not been used within 14 days, it will be automatically cancelled and you will receive an email about it. You will not be charged for unused eTickets.    

What is an eTicket?

An eTicket works in a similar way to number plate payment and works at all payment points that can read license plate payments from Brobizz. You can order an eTicket with 1 or 2 trips for a specific number plate.  

Read more about eTicket here. 

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