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Invoices and reminders – what you need to know

As an invoice customer you will, in accordance with your agreement, receive your invoices by email or via EAN on a weekly or monthly basis. Payment card customers will only receive invoices by email if Brobizz was unable to take payment from a payment card.  
You will also find your invoices on the self-service page and can monitor your use here too. 

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about invoices and reminders.

For both card- and invoice customers

Where do we find invoices and reminders?

Invoices and reminders will always be sent to the email address that was set up as your primary contact email. Your invoices will also be sent to your invoice email – if you have set one up.

You may also find invoices and reminders on the Brobizz’ self-service page. 

Follow the guide: 

  1. Log in to brobizz.com.
  2. Click on ‘Payment’ in the menu on the left.
  3. You can now view your invoices and reminders. The amount will be marked in red and 'Missing payment’ will appear under ‘Status’. You can download each one by clicking the down arrow on the right.  

What happens if the payment due date on our invoice is exceeded?

A fee of DKK 100 is charged for the first reminder and subsequently DKK 100 for further reminders. See agreement terms & conditions for more details.

Can we turn our agreement into an invoice agreement?

If you wish to change your agreement and be charged by invoice instead of by payment card, you should contact Customer Service Business.

The email should state your customer number and CVR number as well as the projected annual usage on the agreement.

Please note that in accordance with our credit policy, we do not provide an invoice agreement if your annual usage on the agreement is less than DKK 22,000.

What do we do if we need each employee to have their own payment card?

You can create a product access for each employee. This means that every individual employee will have their own login to the self-service where they can independently log in and add or update their payment card for one product. Additionally, the employee can also update vehicle information associated with the product, for example, if they change vehicles.

You can contact our customer service Business if you want to learn more. Read more about product access here.

For invoice customers only

In which format can we receive our invoices?

Invoice customers can either choose EAN invoicing or invoicing in PDF-format. If EAN is chosen as the payment method, Brobizz charges in the OIOUBL format supported by your company. Together with your EAN invoice, you will also receive a PDF invoice.

In addition, we can also provide you with invoice files as supplements to the invoice. Our invoice files are comma-separated files sent in a CSV-file, which can be pasted into Excel. You will receive the CSV file the day after your invoice. If you receive your invoice as a PDF file, you will additionally receive it as a CSV file. You must be aware that it is the PDF file that is legally binding.

 If you wish to change your invoice format, learn more about invoice files or would like to have these forwarded, please contact Customer Service Business.

New invoice customers of Brobizz A/S can state which format they prefer on the contract they receive in connection with the invoice agreement.

Can we get one invoice per bizz?

Yes, certainly. We can split your account into 'settlement keys' so that you receive one invoice per settlement key. You can, if you wish, choose to receive a settlement key per bizz or number plate payment, per 10 bizzes or any number of bizzes, if you need it. We can set it up to best suit the needs of your business.  

You can also receive a settlement key per department.   
A settlement key can only be linked to one account under the self-service function. However an account can easily be divided into several settlement keys, which means that an account can have payments split into different invoices. 
Please be aware that you may receive one reminder per settlement key if you fail to pay your invoices on time.    
If you wish to divide your invoices in this way, please contact Customer Service Business.

As an invoice customer can we link a payment card to a bizz?

Yes, if you wish. You can also choose to link one payment card per bizz. This means that you will be charged via your payment card unless this is not valid at the time the charges are levied. In this case you will be charged by invoice.

How will we receive our invoices?

You will always receive invoices and reminders at the email address that has been set up as your primary contact email. In addition, they will be sent to your invoice e-mail if you have set one up. You will receive an email with an invoice for each business partner with which you have incurred charges in the respective invoicing period. If, for example, you have driven in Norway, you will receive an invoice for toll charges in Norway. Similarly, you will receive an invoice if you have crossed the Storebælt Bridge.

When should we pay our invoices?

Your payment due date is included as part of the invoice agreement that you sign with us. You can either be invoiced weekly or monthly.  

Weekly invoicing runs from week to week, including at the change of the month. In other words, even if the month changes midweek, invoicing will continue to run on a weekly basis and not be split up.

Can we have our invoices paid automatically by the bank?

Yes, you can facilitate the administration of your invoice payments and at the same time avoid a reminder fee by signing up for Supplier Service. You must either be the main or account administrator to register an account for Supplier Service via self-service by following the guide below.

Benefits of choosing Supplier Service:   

  1. Your invoices will be paid automatically on the due date.  
  2. You save time.  
  3. Regardless of holiday or illness in the accounts department, your invoices will paid on time. You will therefore avoid reminder fees or the possible blocking of your bizz. 
  4. You will receive your invoices as before.

Please be aware that you must contact your bank – not Brobizz – if  you experience problems with Supplier Service. 

Follow these steps:   

  1. Log-in at brobizz.com.
  2. Click on the ‘Administration’ tab on the left.
  3. Select ‘Sign up for Supplier Service’ in the right corner.  

Registration is then sent automatically. Once this has been processed and approved, you will be notified via the self-service page - ‘Supplier agreement registered’ under the ‘Administration’ tab.

You can read more about Supplier Service here.

Can we have a payment card linked to an invoice agreement?

Yes, you can have a payment card linked to one or more products if you wish.

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