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Green Discount

Green discount for the Storebælt Bridge

You can get the Green discount on the Storebælt Bridge if your vehicles comply with Euro 6 or run on electricity or hydrogen. It’s easy to register your vehicle with us to always get the Green discount and the lowest price when crossing the Storebælt Bridge.

At least 13% off every time you cross the Storebælt Bridge

The Green discount is an immediate discount of at least 13% off the list price when your vehicles cross the Storebælt Bridge. To qualify for the discount, you have to pay with a bizz or number plate payment agreement and have a Storebælt Business agreement, which is automatically created when we set up a toll payment agreement. In addition, your vehicle must either be compliant with Euro 6 or be an electric or hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Easy registration of your vehicle with us

To get the Green discount, all you need to do is register your vehicle with us – we’ll do the rest. You can do this by simply filling in some details in the self-service. You can also call us.

If your vehicle is registered in a country other than Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, or Lithuania, you must remember to upload a registration certificate to the self-service for the product and submit the VIN number/chassis number. If the Euro standard does not appear on your registration certificate,

you must also submit Euro standard documentation.
Checks will be made at the Storebælt Bridge for any discrepancies between the registered information and the actual vehicle.

You will pay an administration fee of DKK 200 for the processing of registration certificates and checking of VIN numbers. 

Guide to the Green Discount

You must enter the following information in the self-service.

  • Number plate
  • Country code
  • Vehicle class
  • Euro standard or fuel type
  • If your vehicle is from a country other than Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, or Lithuania, you must remember to upload the registration certificate if you wish to obtain a Green discount. 

These details must be linked to the bizz or number plate payment agreement used when crossing and correspond to the vehicle that the bizz/number plate payment agreement is installed in/set up for.

Do you have further questions?

We’ve collated our most frequently asked questions on the green discount, which you can read to find out more about the terms and conditions for the green discount. You’re also more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions. See our contact details here.

If you’d like an overview of current prices, please visit

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Language: English