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Make the trip between Odden and Aarhus easy with number plate payment or a bizz from Brobizz.

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Drive aboard easily with your bizz, or pay with your number plate

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Pay with your number plate or bizz

You have to check in at the Business BlueClass lane no less than 5 minutes before departure to be guaranteed a space aboard the next ferry available. You select bizz as your form of payment on screen, or you can pay with your number plate.

You can also get a discount on the crossing if you make an agreement with Molslinjen - however, only if you use a bizz.

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Ordinary vehicles

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Pay with your number plate and bizz

Storebælt Bridge, Øresund Bridge, Bornholmslinjen (Ferry), Molslinjen (Ferry), Scandlines, ForSea, ferries in Denmark, roads in Norway, etc.

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