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Helsingør - Helsingborg

Easy, automatic payment

You pay automatically at the check-in lane with bizz from Brobizz. You will also get a discount when you take out an Autobizz Smart agreement.

This is what you need to do

Pay with bizz
  1. Put your bizz in the windscreen and enter the automatic check-in lane no less than 15 minutes before your preferred departure
  2. Enter the number of passengers on the screen
  3. Go to the lane you see in the display
  4. Drive aboard the ferry.


Please be aware

  • An Autobizz Smart Agreement gives you benefits and discounts
    ForSea has a subscription agreement known as Autobizz Smart. It gives you access to benefits and discounts, and you only pay one annual fee per agreement regardless of how many bizz devices you have for that agreement. Find out more about the Autobizz Smart Agreement here.
  • EasyGo is only valid for cars up to 6 metres long
    You can pay automatically with bizz from Brobizz on ForSea routes because this is part of the EasyGo partnership. Find out more about Easy-Go here.

Get started

Ordinary vehicles

Ordinary vehicles

Selected locations in Scandinavia

Pay with your number plate and bizz

Storebælt Bridge, Øresund Bridge, Kronprinsesse Marys Bro (Bridge), Bornholmslinjen (Ferry), Molslinjen (Ferry), Scandlines, ForSea, ferries in Denmark, car washes at Wash World, APCOA PARKING, roads in Norway, etc.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English