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We want to cross Storebælt Bridge

Brobizz gives you a Storebælt Erhverv agreement, and hence the best price every time you cross the bridge – and it’s fully automatic. There’s a difference with regard to whether you can pay with bizz or your number plate on the Storebælt Bridge, depending on the weight of your vehicle.


Debit/credit cards

Automatic payment

Min. saving

965 DKK

917 DKK

48 DKK

375 DKK

280 DKK

95 DKK

245 DKK

184 DKK

61 DKK

Prices are indicative and apply to trucks (10-20 metres), buses and vans (over 6 metres, under 2.7 metres), and cars (3-6 metres). All prices include Danish VAT.

Find more business prices at Storebæltsbroen.dk

Please be aware

  • For vehicles over 3,500 kg, payment can only be made with bizz or bizz for Europe.
  • For vehicles under 3,500 kg, payment can be made with both bizz and number plate. If you have both, bizz will be defined as your priority method of payment. Put your bizz in the case it came in if you would prefer to pay with your number plate.
  • Special guidelines apply for exceptional loads being transported. For example, you will have to phone the Storebælt Bridge’s control room on +45 5830 3050 no less than 2 hours before crossing the bridge. Find out more at Storebæltsbroen.dk
  • Storebælt Pendler can’t be linked with number plate payment. This product only works with a bizz.
  • 4 beeps from your bizz: If your bizz beeps four times when you cross the bridge, it may be time to replace it.
  • As of 1 October, only Green Discounts will be available
    Find out what Green Discounts on Storebælt Bridge mean for you

    More information about Storebælt Bridge

    Register for Storebælt Bridge’s bridge notifications to find out about specific conditions on the bridge. Find out how here.
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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English