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Use number plate payment or bizz at Molslinjen

You can use number plate payment and bizz at check in at the port at Molslinjen, if you have not booked a ticket in advance.

If you wish this, you must check into the Business BlueClass lane no later than five minutes before departure, then you are guaranteed to come on board the first available ferry.

When using number plate payment, select "Business: Brobizz number plate" on the screen.

When using bizz, select "bizz" as payment on the screen.

You can use bizz or number plate payment from Brobizz on the two Molslinjen routes:

You can also get a discount on the crossing if you make an agreement with Molslinjen - however, only if you use a bizz.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English