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We want to cross the Øresund Bridge

You can cross the bridge easily using the green lanes when you’re a Brobizz customer and have a bizz, bizz for Europe or number plate payment agreement.

You must have an ØresundBUSINESS agreement in order to get a discount

Take out an ØresundBUSINESS agreement for the Øresund Bridge and link it to your bizz or number plate payment agreement – then you’ll be able to use the bridge for less than half price. The price of a trip depends on your driving pattern and vehicle type.

ØresundBUSINESS is a discount agreement that you enter into with the Øresund Bridge Consortium. It’s a subscription scheme, which costs DKK 279,20 excl. VAT per year for business customers, and there’s no annual fee for trucks.

When you’ve registered, you’ll pay the annual subscription until you cancel it with the Øresund Bridge Consortium.

You can register your ØresundBUSINESS agreement on the Øresund Bridge website here.

Please be aware

  • A lot of money can be saved with a ØresundBUSINESS agreement. There’s no annual fee for the agreement if you only use trucks.
  • Payment can be made with both bizz and number plate.If you have both, bizz will be given priority as your method of payment when you come to pay. Put your bizz in the case it came in if you would prefer to pay with your number plate.
    If you register for number plate payment and combine this with a ØresundBUSINESS agreement from the Øresund Bridge, it will be ready to use after just 20 minutes. If you don’t link a ØresundBUSINESS agreement to your number plate, it may take up to 24 hours from registration before you can use it on the Øresund Bridge.

Questions and answers about the ØresundBUSINESS agreement

Which registration numbers are linked to my ØresundBUSINESS agreement?

You can see the registration numbers that are linked to your ØresundBUSINESS agreement by logging into “My ØresundBUSINESS” on the Øresund Bridge website. 

Go to the login page here

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English