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Storebælt Commuter

If you cross the Storebælt Bridge more than 14 times in a month with a small van, motorcycle, or car up to 6 metres in length, a Storebælt Commuter agreement would be beneficial to you.

Save money with a Storebælt Commuter agreement

With a Storebælt Commuter agreement, you pay a fixed price for a specific period and can then cross as many times as you wish during the given period.

30 days = DKK 1.442 kr. for motorcycles and cars up to 3 metres in length (equivalent to paying DKK 49 per day for 30 days)

30 days = DKK 2.744 kr. cars and vans between 3 and 6 metres in length (equivalent to paying DKK 92 per day for 30 days)


You must contact Customer Service Business on +45 70 80 80 81 or by e-mail:

Heavy vehicles: truck@brobizz.com

Light vehicles: btb@brobizz.com

Afterwards you will be sent a supplementary contract and an attachment that must be completed. In the attachment, you must state whether you want to renew automatically or manually.

We recommend choosing auto-renewal so that your commuter agreement renews automatically every 30 days.



You can decide for yourself whether your commuter agreement should renew automatically or manually. You can also decide which date you want your commuter discount to start.

If you select auto-renewal, your agreement will renew automatically every 30 days.

If you select manual renewal, you can manage your commuting periods yourself, which can be 30 or 60 days.


How to terminate a Storebælt Commuter agreement

If you wish to terminate your commuter agreement, please e-mail:

Heavy vehicles: truck@brobizz.com

Light vehicles: btb@brobizz.com

In your e-mail, you must state the following:

Customer and bizz number for the commuter agreement to be terminated

Date when the termination must take effect (note that the commuter agreement can only be terminated from the date on which your current commuting period expires).

Language: English

Language: English