You have an AutoBizz from Scandlines starting with 46005, and you have now received a new BroBizz® from BroBizz A/S together with a letter from Færgen

Below we have made a ‘checklist’ where you can see what you have to do in order to receive and maintain the best conditions in the future.

  • Before you can use the BroBizz that you have received, you must confirm and thereby activate your new agreement with BroBizz A/S by 25 October 2015, and register the payment card that you want to use to pay for your consumption from 3 November 2015. You do this by logging into “My Account” on this website with the information you have received in the letter from Færgen and follow the instructions.

Please note that payment for Færgen crossings to and including 2 November 2015 will still be paid to Færgen with the payment card you have associated with it.

  • Once you have activated your BroBizz, please return your AutoBizz to: Færgen, Att.: Sales Support, Dampskibskajen 3, DK-3700 Rønne.
  • If you have signed up for your current AutoBizz with other companies, for example, Storebælt, Øresundsbron, Samsø Rederi, Mols-Linien or Scandlines, please contact them and notify them of new BroBizz number.

We wish you welcome and look forward to good collaboration.

If you do not want to enter into this new agreement with BroBizz A/S, please return the BroBizz you have received to BroBizz A/S in the enclosed return envelope. BroBizz A/S will then delete your contact data that has been transferred from Færgen. Please note that your Færgen Bizz agreement will thereby end on 3 November 2015.