Welcome to the new BroBizz Universe

BroBizz® has got a new website, which will guide you easily to exactly what you are looking for. Now it is even easier to be a BroBizz customer.

Welcome to our new website. It makes it easier for you to order a BroBizz or to be one of our customers. You are never more than three clicks away from what you are looking for.

The website has been based on your wishes and needs - in terms of reading about BroBizz, ordering a BroBizz or managing a BroBizz contract. We have clearly collated all relevant information and options, so you always have Customer Services at your fingertips.

The new has also been customised for your smartphone or tablet. That means you can also get quick, efficient help or update your account details even when you are on the move. So now, whether you are at home, at work or on the road, makes it incredibly easy to get an overview.

In order to get the most out of the website, you must first select either Private or Business. You will then find all the relevant information and options.

If you log into “My Account”, all the information is then customised for your needs/your contract.

Our Customer Services have also collated all the questions and answers to create a comprehensive library, in which you can easily and quickly make a search.

That means you no longer need to call at a certain time in order to get help, but can now always get the help you need.

Your benefits

The new has been improved in many ways:

  • Clear division of topics
  • Improved self-service
  • Customer Services with you as you travel
  • Help with just about all your questions
  • My Account”, where you manage your account
  • A list of all the locations where you can use your BroBizz makes it quick and easy for you to get help with everything: from ordering a BroBizz and how to install it in your car to where you can use it and the easiest way to update your account information etc. etc.

We hope you will enjoy our new website.

If there is anything you feel is missing on, we would be more than happy to hear from you.