Stay informed with our partners

Please note that due to coronavirus / COVID-19, there may be altered traffic conditions, e.g. changes in sailing plans or restrictions at national borders. Therefore, we recommend that you seek information about current conditions on our partners websites or social channels before you leave.

BroBizz A/S' vision


It is our vision, business strategy and development strategy, which guide BroBizz A/S.


We aim to make BroBizz® the natural choice for motorists, when driving in Europe.

Business strategy

In collaboration with our business partners, BroBizz A/S provides one, comprehensive payment concept, which gives customers an enormous range of benefits:

  • One contract, countless applications
  • One payment location, countless tollbooths
  • Faster passage through tollbooths
  • Maximum flexibility on European roads

Development strategy

In the next few years, BroBizz A/S will expand the service throughout the whole of Europe. In the future, motorists will only have to use a single method of payment, when driving through various tollbooths.

Together with our business partners, our aim is to make it even more attractive to use BroBizz A/S as a partner in the context of using or establishing BroBizz tollbooths.