Travel with Færgen – pay with BroBizz®

It’s now even easier for you to travel to and from the Danish islands, which is ensured through our new partnership with Færgen.

If you are taking a trip to the sunny island of Bornholm, or popping over to Samsø, Fanø or Langeland, you can now pay for the journey with your BroBizz. Whichever one of these islands you visit with Færgen, all payments are settled through your agreement with us. 

Other benefits

Spodsbjerg-Tårs has just joined the EasyGo partnership, so you now have the freedom to drive to check-in when it suits you - easy and simple. If you often travel on this route, you can sign up your BroBizz for a discount agreement with Færgen.

On Færgen’s other routes, you need to sign up your BroBizz with Færgen in order to use it as a method of payment.

A Bizz agreement with Færgen means you get a number of options and benefits:

  • online ticket booking (can’t be made for the Fanø ferry, as you can’t make reservations for this ferry)
  • an agreement that matches your particular travel pattern
  • easy administration via My Account on the website

You can sign up on their website – read more.

If you don’t already have a BroBizz, you must order it through Order BroBizz, where you also have the option to sign an agreement with Færgen.


* The Collaboration only applies to regular cars, and each BroBizz unit, requires it’s own agreement.