This is where your BroBizz® works

Use your Brobizz at over 50 places.

BroBizz guarantees you swift and easy payment for passage through more than 50 tollbooths on bridges, ferries, roads and car parks in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

BroBizz is not just for trips across the Great Belt and the Øresund. You can also use your BroBizz to pay on several ferries and toll roads and at airport car parks and parking facilities in numerous cities.

BroBizz works together with more than 50 payment locations to ensure you a quicker journey.

At the top of the page you can see where you can use BroBizz.

Check the price

Prices differ from one place to another. Some places offer discount or other advantages, when you pay with your BroBizz. In other places you can take out a local contract for your BroBizz and enjoy even greater discounts. That is why we advise you to investigate the prices and discounts at the particular tollbooth, where you will be using your BroBizz.

BroBizz is part of the EasyGo collaboration. On their website you can read more about the tollbooths, which are part of EasyGo. Here you can also see what contracts and discounts are available.

Our ambition is to cover the whole of Europe and we are constantly working to expand the number of tollbooths.