The EU is imposing stricter requirements for processing of personal data

You may know it as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. From 25 May 2018, a number of new rules regarding companies' processing of personal data enter into force, and it is not as complicated as it may sound.

The new rules were created to improve your protection when companies are processing your personal data. This is data you provide, e.g. when you become a customer with a company or subscribe to a newsletter. The new rules apply to all companies within the EU, and therefore also apply to BroBizz A/S.

How will the new rules affect you?

You do not need to make changes or take any action. The new rules only entail that you will have greater control of your personal data.

If you are a customer with Brobizz A/S, you may at any time log into My Account, which you have access to via, or you can use BroBizz' app to view or change your customer data.

If you are not a customer, but receive our newsletter, you can read about how to contact us for more information in our privacy policy.

We take good care of your personal data

It is important to us that you know that we take good care of your personal data, and that we comply with the new rules in the General Data Protection Regulation.

That is why we have updated our privacy policy, where you can read about:

  • which data we collect,
  • which purposes we use it for,
  • what your rights are in relation to your personal data,
  • how you can contact us, if you have questions or comments.

See our privacy policy