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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for recipients of BroBizz A/S’ newsletter and the use of offers.

In general

Upon your acceptance of these terms and conditions, you give BroBizz A/S permission to send electronic newsletters and promotions to you by e-mail. Electronic newsletters and promotions cover both the marketing of BroBizz A/S’ own products/services, as well as marketing products/services from BroBizz A/S’ partners. On there is a list of BroBizz A/S’ partners. The list is constantly updated.

BroBizz A/S’ newsletter is an e-mail-based media that gives you information about great promotions and the advantages and options there are with your BroBizz®. By subscribing you agree that BroBizz A/S can send promotions and newsletters up to 12 times a year.

Your e-mail will not be transferred from BroBizz A/S to partners or other third parties.

It is free to subscribe to BroBizz A/S’ newsletter. Minimum age is 18.

If you wish to unsubscribe from BroBizz A/S’ newsletter it can be done via the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

When you unsubscribe BroBizz A/S immediately deletes the contact information you have entered to receive BroBizz A/S’ newsletter. Enquiries regarding subscription to BroBizz A/S’ newsletter should be directed to or by telephone on +45 70207049, Monday to Thursday 9:00-16:30 and Friday 9.00-16.00.

Use of offers

As a recipient of BroBizz A/S’ newsletter and promotional e-mails, you can take advantage of the deals that BroBizz A/S and their partners offer.

When using BroBizz A/S promotions, the conditions will always appear in the offer, as well as on BroBizz A/S’ website.

When using promotions from BroBizz A/S’ partners, you enter into a contract directly with the company selling the service or product. It is the company’s terms and conditions that apply to the offer.

BroBizz A/S has no liability for sold-out or the non-delivery of services or products sold by other companies. BroBizz A/S provides no compensation if one of the companies that supplies promotions offered on closes, has a new owner or for any other reason cannot deliver the promised service.