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Benefits for business customers
Business solutions

Business solutions

We help you put together an agreement that ensures you get the best prices and automatic payment on ferries and bridges throughout Denmark.

Use the same bizz throughout Scandinavia

With a bizz from Brobizz, you can easily use bridges and ferries throughout Scandinavia, toll roads in Norway, and airport parking. When you order your bizz, there’s no setup fee or deposit to pay, no matter how many bizzes you need. Brobizz pays the handling and shipping of the package.

If you take out a BroPas agreement or Storebælt business agreement, you’ll always get the lowest prices when crossing the Øresund Bridge and Storebælt Bridge.

Always saves 50% with BroPas

You can save a lot of money with BroPas Business. The agreement gives you a 50% discount when using the Øresund Bridge.

13% discount every time you cross the Storebælt Bridge

To get a 13% discount when crossing the Storebælt Bridge, you need a Storebælt Business agreement and a vehicle that meets the Euro 6 requirements. You can easily set up an agreement with us and register your vehicles to ensure you always get the discount and the lowest price when using the Storebælt Bridge.

Order bizz

With a bizz in the car, you can easily access bridges, ferries throughout Scandinavia and toll roads in Norway, as well as parking at airports

Order number plate payment

If you often drive across the country, we reccoment that yoy register your company car for our number plate payment. Thereby you get over the bridges easily and quickly.

Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English