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BroBizz privat

Quality policy

An extension of our business strategy is our quality policy:

  • We strive to create the most efficient and customer-friendly payment solution for motorists and increase the value for our partners.
  • We ensure that payment on user-funded infrastructure occurs as efficiently as possible and with a high service level.
  • We create tailored digital platforms for our customers that ensure better service and greater loyalty.
  • Our new digital marketplace offers new and existing customers the best overview of where they can use BroBizz, discounts and payment options.
  • New product types and technological solutions make BroBizz an attractive partner and customers’ preferred payment solution. 

We will achieve this through:

  1. Focus on customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.
  2. Continued focus on improving the efficiency of processes and tools, including the balance between in-house and outsourced activities.
  3. Efficient monitoring and control of outsourced activities.
  4. Use of experience and learning, including ensuring that corrective actions and ongoing assessment of risks and opportunities function efficiently.
  5. Availability of the necessary resources to perform tasks.
  6. Establishment and maintenance of the quality management system that meets the ISO9001 standard’s requirements and is certified by a third party. 
  7. Ongoing improvements of our management system.