Mobile parking is now also possible with BroBizz®

An agreement between BroBizz A/S and EasyPark, which is a mobile payment service for parking, means that in future it will be possible to pay for parking via BroBizz.

4. marts 2015

The agreement hereby gives BroBizz customers access to use their BroBizz for payment at 95% of all outdoor car parks in Denmark, and it is also a step towards the goal of both companies to continuously offer customers new options.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our customers this new service, which means that they can now pay for parking, both in Denmark and in other European countries, via their BroBizz contract. Collaboration with EasyPark is important for us in the work to develop and improve our services, so that we are constantly creating more benefits for our customers,” says Helle Bech, CEO of BroBizz A/S.

BroBizz customers who sign up for EasyPark’s mobile parking service can then use their mobile phone to park, while all parking consumption is paid for via their existing BroBizz contract. Therefore, they do not have to setup payment card information with EasyPark to use the service. It’s simple and customers get the same benefits as other EasyPark customers.

For EasyPark the agreement is a good example of how an infrastructure with greater cohesiveness is achieved through strategic collaboration.

”It is now possible to combine all payments for the vehicle’s journeys on one account, and we then have the opportunity to offer our service to the 600,000 BroBizz customers. EasyPark was already working to ensure more intelligent parking with, for instance, private parking operators, car manufacturers and big data experts - and now BroBizz. The new agreement is another good example of the way a more cohesive infrastructure is achieved through the use of digital possibilities,” says Morten Hother Sørensen, CEO of EasyPark.

The mobile service works either via an app on your phone, text or via a call to begin, extend or finish parking. This means that customers only pay for the time they park, you can extend the parking via mobile phone and save the time you would have otherwise spent using parking ticket machines. No cards and cash are needed. EasyPark covers the whole of Denmark and much of Europe.

The new partnership provides users of EasyPark and BroBizz the option to pay using the same account for both parking and fees on toll roads, ferries and over bridges. BroBizz is currently most widespread in Scandinavia, but the ambition is to offer customers payment by BroBizz throughout the whole of Europe, and the agreement is an important step towards achieving this goal.

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BroBizz A/S: CEO Helle Bech, telephone +45 40 59 31 33 or e-mail:

Read more about how you as a BroBizz customer can use EasyPark’s parking service on

EasyPark: CEO Morten Hother Sørensen, telephone +45 40 41 59 00 or e-mail:

You can learn more about the parking service at