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4 beeps from BroBizz will help customers at Storebælt toll station

Every now and then traffic assistants have to help customers in the Storebælt BroBizz lanes through the station, as the gate does not open when their BroBizz® is read. It may be due to not having updated the payment card, but just as often it is because the battery in the BroBizz is flat, as it only has a limited service life.

Therefore, a new service for customers will now see the light of day. A/S Storebælt and BroBizz A/S is behind an initiative that makes it possible to help road users straight away. For A/S Storebælt it means that they can ensure high accessibility at the toll station:

“In the future, road users who have an inactive BroBizz will hear four beeps before they drive into the funnel area at the toll station. The beeps mean they must drive in the manual lane where they can get help right away. In this way we ensure that traffic can glide undisturbed into the BroBizz lanes, while at the same time customers don’t have to sit and wait for help,” says Palle Nygaard, Supervisor of Storebælt toll station.

It is not coincidental that the new service is being launched now. More than 250,000 Danes will receive new payment cards in 2016, and more than 40,000 BroBizz devices need to be replaced due to the battery’s service life. Both are happening today at the BroBizz A/S company, and therefore they have a great deal of interest in the new service to their customers, so that it is still quick and easy to travel across Denmark.

“Many of our customers use their BroBizz at Storebælt toll station and that is why we are pleased to be able to offer them to get help on the spot. This makes it both easier and faster for customers, and with the new collaboration we can live up to our goal of constantly giving our customers new benefits,” says Marie Berre Mikkelsen, Customer Marketing Manager at BroBizz A/S.

The equipment that detects an inactive BroBizz is set up on the portal at the last exit before Storebælt on the Zealand side. Therefore, road users will be get the four beep sound both on the outward journey and return trip, depending on where the journey starts. The service is both for private and business customers.


Additional contact:

A/S Storebælt

Palle Nygaard, Supervisor of Storebælt toll station, mobile +45 21 69 54 29, e-mail

BroBizz A/S

Customer Marketing Manager Marie Berre Mikkelsen, mobile +45 51 15 42 03, e-mail